The declaration of Bremen aims at giving a proper framework to the planning guidelines of sustainable urban mobility of the EU with the reality of the european cities. Therefere it is promoted an integrated and efficient use of the urban space giving priority to the citizens instead of the vehicles and to the planning of the city and its mobility as one. The methodolgy used by IrRADIARE and explained in movvib is in line with the objectives defined by the Bremen declaration.


An integrated intelligent planning and management methodology was deployed to concurrently address sustainable mobility, energy demand and supply, air and urban environment quality and assets and infrastructure management within a strategic framework considering sustainability targets, notably CO2 emissions, economic acceleration, social opportunities and demographic stability.


Application to sustainability management at urban and regional level has shown that integration of several spheres into a single shared sustainability management, including mobility, instrument as critical for the success of local strategies and agendas.


An intelligent energy management platform was established to serve the deployed methodology. Several peripheral spheres connect the platform to different fronts of sustainable urban management within which mobility and transport paramount. Those spheres concurrently address and integrate management challenges from the real-time energy demand and assets exploitation and availability, to the long term predictive analysis needed to support decision-making about long term targets driven strategic routes.